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CS Supervising cases of Child Sexual Abuse for social work managers

Venue - Virtual Classroom, Sand Martin House, Bittern Way, Fletton Quays
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PCC Children's Services Specific - Management
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Children's Services
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Aimed at Social Work Managers in Children's Services.
Training objectives
Learning outcomes
Social work practice in cases of suspected child sexual abuse can be complex, emotional and challenging. The role of the supervisor in supporting social workers to make the right decisions with these families is therefore fundamental to reducing the risk of sexual abuse to children and young people, and supporting them when abuse has taken place. This training aims to equip managers and supervisors with the necessary knowledge about intra-familial sexual abuse to enable them to better support social workers.

Day 1: Updating Knowledge on Child Sexual Abuse
The focus of day 1 is to provide an overview of the following topics to equip managers with the necessary knowledge to effectively support their staff:
• A better understanding of the scale and nature of child sexual abuse
• An understanding of the myths, stereotypes and obstacles in practice and how to overcome such obstacles
• An understanding of how the impact of child sexual abuse presents in children and young people
• Be able to identify the potential signs and indicators of sexual abuse and sexually abusive behaviour
• An understanding of how children communicate their experiences of sexual abuse and the professional role in helping them do this
• Have a broad understanding of who it is who abuses children
• A greater comprehension of how and why sexual abuse happens in families
• Understanding the importance of a ‘whole family’ approach to assessing and intervening with families
• An improved confidence in identifying and responding to concerns of intra-familial child sexual abuse

Day 2: Applying the knowledge to supervising and supporting social workers
• Consideration of the barriers and obstacles in practice and how to overcome these in case supervision
• An increased ability to support social workers in having conversations with children and families around CSA.
• An increased ability to support social workers in the recording of CSA concerns and disclosures.
• A greater awareness of how to provide effective interventions, communication and safety planning, and ultimately support social workers in doing so.
• An increased ability to support social workers to undertake effective assessments of CSA cases
• including considerations for the child, alleged perpetrator and non-abusing partner.
• Understanding the impact of the work on social workers and how best to support them
• Alert participants to resources that Social Workers could be using in their practice with children and families 

Additional Information
Start Date
Wednesday 17 November 2021
End Date
Tuesday 23 November 2021
Closing Date
Tuesday 16 November 2021
09:30 - 17:00
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